CD Review: Brotherhood of the Beast

By Editor

Nathaniel Ward

By Kathryn L Ramage

HPLHS Radio Theatre 3-disc adventure, based on and alluding to various stories by HP Lovecraft but featuring characters created by Andrew Leman, Sean Branney, and friends back in their game-playing days.

Nathaniel Ward (Leman)

Millionaire playboy adventurer Charlie Tower (Branney)

Jordan Lowell (Pavao),

All three appeared in The Whisperer in Darkness. Ward and Tower have shown up in other radio plays (Dagon: War of the Worlds and Imprisoned with the Pharaohs)

Charlie brings along his latest girlfriend, a smart-talking brassy dame named Jenny Alexander (voiced by Sarah Van der Pol — I picture Jenny as something like a pre-Code Barbara Stanwyck).

begins in Boston with three missing children. Charlie and Jenny and Nathaniel Ward end up at the house of an elderly spinster who apparently lives alone. but among her weekly delivery of groceries are always seven whole stewing chickens. That’s a lot of chicken for one person. Her late brother, Dr., a maidservant who tried on a pair of mysterious and strange-looking glasses through which she not only saw something that terrified her–but something saw her as well. Like the unfortunate Mary at the beginning of Arthur Machen’s The Great God Pan, this young woman’s encounter with the terrible …read more

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