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Erotique 3 on Kindle pre-publication

Erotique 3 on Kindle. Free to borrow for Amazon Prime members. Reviews very welcome.

Erotique 3 book trailer: Sky Clad by Sharanya Manivannan

Erotique 3 book trailer: Sky Clad by Sharanya Manivannan

Erotique 2 gets 4 stars at Amazon

“An entertainment, Mesler’s short novel is half erotica, half fantasy, and half comedy. It’s for the reader to sort out the math. And as any reader knows, erotica can become repetitive, the Kama Sutra notwithstanding.”
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Coming Soon! Erotique 3!

NOW ON SALE and Where to buy: 10% off code: AT7QJ4PV at this online store.
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Where to buy Issue 2: Corey Mesler’s Burke’s Books in Memphis

Author Corey Mesler is also a bookstore owner and is stocking Erotique 2 at his shop, Burke’s Books.

(Of course if you’re not in Memphis, check the sidebar for other buying options.)

Corey Mesler reads from Frank Comma and the Timeslip

Corey reads one of the fiction stories his hero, Frank Comma, writes in the Timeslip.


(Helpful Note: you might have to crank up your speakers a little.)

Corey Mesler in the news

Erotique 3 author Corey Mesler
Corey Mesler Is Behind Open Doors, by Ben Tanzer, Necessary Fiction, November 30, 2012