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Call for Erotica

Erotica that hasn’t been on the web that I could publish in Issue 5 or 6 of Erotique next year. The story would need to be 3,000 or more words, and sexy. If you can make some not usually erotic activity sexy, I will gladly publish it. I personally find going to the library titillating, but that either explains a lot about me or is more than you want to know or both. Or something. I believe there’s more to erotica than sex (nothing against sex; it’s wonderful), and I’d love to publish that sort of thing because I think there should be more of it published. For example, there is a scene in “Something Wicked This Way Comes” that I realized as an adult was extremely sexy without sex. I understand now that the beautifully written combination of suspense, scene, sensuality, and menace, were… gah! Unfortunately or fortunately, I read SWTWC when I was 13 and didn’t understand why I read that part over and over and over and over (you get the idea) until I was older. I don’t want to ruin the book for anyone, so if you want to know what I’m going on about, please email me. That whole book is like slipping into a warm bath, so if you haven’t read it, I highly recommend it.

Story deadline is October. I have a very broad mind (het, gay, solo, groups [no furries]) and will publish anything that I like that won’t get me arrested, but it you think your idea is pushing the envelope, please email me about it. Please visit the submission guidelines (no, not that kind of submission) for details on how to submit.

Now on sale! Erotique, Issue 4!

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Erotique, Issue 4

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Sampler (pdf)
Cover by Jennifer Bentson

Erotique, the Wapshott Journal of Erotica, is pleased to present Issue 4 chock full of marvelously sexy stories.

I stood in the living room, tapping my foot, watching the morning news without really paying attention.
Another Satisfied Customer, by Allison Yates

I am fucking my ex-girlfriend.
Break-Up Sex, by Paullette Gaudet

Why, I been looking for a new Smagbee for a long time now, since the old one died in a mystery, its legs all pooped and dangly.
Smagbee, by Elle Pryor

With the window down and the summer wind blowing, Craig looked tanned and relaxed.
Turkey Point, by Kelly Rand

After wolfing down a Stouffer ’s dinner in front of the TV, Ida escaped to her hour-long ritual: shower, a painful comb-out of her tangled hair, then makeup and clothes.
At The Regal, by Terry Sanville

Jade walked carefully up the steps to Gordon’s house, navigating the chunks of ice as best as she could in her black high-heeled boots.
Winter Showers, by Val Gryphin

Priscilla wasn’t happy with the man her cousin Emmy intended to marry—the man being Richie, whom Priscilla insisted on calling Richard as if that would improve him.
Why Can’t Men Be Ferraris? by Robert Earle

Melanie wanted nothing more than to sink her fingers into the blonde tresses of her friend and pull that beautiful face between her legs.
In Two Bi Friends by Raven Ramsey