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Erotique is retired, the Wapshott Press is still publishing, and here’s what’s new at Updates are ongoing:

  • Storylandia 28 now on sale
    Where to buy: Amazon (eligible for free shipping!) and Kindle. Storylandia 28: Make Me Disappear Sample pages Mabel Banner, age fifteen, is a girl on the run. Escaping a dark and tumultuous life in th …
  • A year goes by awfully fast, doesn’t it?
    2018 Wapshott Press Fundraiser! Donations can be made at The PayPal Giving fund charges us no fees on your donation. And between Giving Tuesday (11/27/2018) and New Year’s …
  • Oh, and a podcast
    In honor of the Wapshott Press annual fundraiser that officially starts on Giving Tuesday, November 27 this year because PayPal Giving Fund will add 1% to every donation, I’ve started a podcast. …
  • J Bloglandia 3-1 The Dark Shadows Issue is now on sale! The wait is over!
    Our first Journal of Bloglandia issue in nine years! The Journal of Bloglandia The Dark Shadows Issue “As a little girl in the early ’70s, I would come home from school every day and turn on the …
  • Book Biz News – Cheltenham Literature Fesitval edition
    News from the Cheltenham literature festival (or Cheltenham Literature Festival, if I was punctuating this article) “She (Dolly Alderton) said it was Darcy who first came up with ‘negging …

Now on Sale: We are all Falling Towards Centre of the Earth

By Editor

Where to buy: Amazon (eligible for free shipping) and Kindle.

Sample pages

Where to buy: Amazon (eligible for free shipping) and Kindle.

We are all Falling Towards the Centre of the Earth

Best to put him out of his misery. The Spoiler stepped into view and picked up the knife.
“You can’t touch that! The cops will need it for evidence,” said the man.
The Spoiler winced. She’d never liked a Texan drawl.
“They won’t,” said the Spoiler, “the knife doesn’t exist yet.”
Enjoying the man’s confusion, the Spoiler continued. “It hasn’t been manufactured yet. It will spend some years in a kitchen drawer a few streets away from here. And this is what it’ll look like in eleven years’ time, when it’s been used to cut your throat with.”
He was gawping at her; she was the maniac.
The Spoiler held up her free hand. “Not by me. I don’t kill people. I just bring tidings. Shall I tell you who does kill you?”
It wasn’t really a question; of course she was going to tell him.

The second short story collection from British writer Julie Travis presents nine new tales of horror, dark fantasy and Surrealism. This is where you’ll find the landscape is a living thing, that monuments are built to the future and where Death is just the beginning. Enjoy contemporary fairy tales mingling amongst stories of escape from desperate times and a culture where difference is seen as a blessing, not a threat.

“A feeling akin to sanctity… a reverence for the bleak and wild landscape… a kind of pantheism or Gaia worship. There’s a whiff of writers like Machen or Blackwood, echoes of Barker, a combination of ghost story and folklore.”
Peter Tennant, Black Static

Where to buy: Amazon (eligible for free shipping) and Kindle.

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